The Normans built Macmine Castle. The Fitzhenry family held the castle and land until the Cromwellian period. One of the family, John Fitzhenry died in 1420. Records of Macmine Castle in the early years are scattered, but it appears that the Fitzhenry property was confiscated in 1654. A historical map of 1798 shows Macmine Castle in the possession of Pierce Newton King but exact dates of acquisition are not known. King’s Island perpetuates this man’s name. For financial reasons, descendants of P N King were forced to sell the castle and land in 1860. John Richards, born 2.11.1808 purchased Macmine from the King family. He completed a full restoration of the castle. The property was later leased to the Benedictine Nuns of Ypres.

The Flood family of Castleboro bought Macmine Castle and 120 acres of land, including King’s Island in 1944.The Floods never lived there but farmed the lands. The castle was later stripped of its lead roof and anything of value was taken out. It became a ruin. In 1965 Mahor T F Dunne acquired the castle and land. Macmine remains in the Dunne family today.