The Tidy Towns National organisation was founded in 1958. Our own branch in Bree was founded in 1988, being initially called “Pobal Bri”. Since then it has remained active, and has taken part in the annual competition in most years. The aims of the organisation go far beyond what the name “Tidy Towns” implies. As applied to our own village of Bree, we want above all to make the village to be a pleasant environment for the people who live in it, and for those who come to use its facilities. We aim to instil a community spirit which strives to keep the village a place to be proud of. This we try to do by keeping the village public areas looking well, the buildings and roads looking their best. Also , we promote diversity of wildlife, re-cycling of materials, and the managing and disposal of waste. In the early years, “Tidiness” was the feature upon which most marks were awarded in the annual competition. However, since then, many more subsections have been added, of which there are now eight. These are:
1) Community planning and involvement
2) Streetscape and public places
3) Green spaces and landscaping
4) Sustainability – doing more with less
5) Tidiness and litter control
6) Residential streets and housing areas
7) Approach roads, streets and lanes.

Over the years, the entry form for the annual competition, which is handed in at the end of May every year, has become enormously complicated and detailed. It needs a huge amount of information to be supplied. It runs to about ten pages. Getting this done is a major task. Other than this paperwork we depend on voluntary work by members of the community, and on personnel of the CEP (Community Employment Project) to do the actual hands-on work. During the summer months, keeping the floral displays watered, is in itself a time-consuming job.

Bree Tidy Towns Committee works hard to make our village a desirable and welcoming place to live.


SuperValu Tidy Towns 2019 –  https://www.tidytowns.ie/

Bree received 321 marks and came second this year in the Tidy Towns Category A section – Ireland’s Tidiest Village – population under 200 people.

Duncormick – Dún Chormaic            323

Bree – Brí                                               321

Ballyduff – Baile Dubh                        316

Foulksmills – Muileann Na Fúca      315

Marshalstown – Baile Mharascal      277

Tidy Towns Competition 2019 Adjudication Report  https://tidytowns.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/u_reports/2019/wexford/2019-County-Wexford-Bree-29.pdf

Bree also received the County Wexford Endeavour Award for the highest increase in marks in a year.

Wexford – Loch Garman       Bree – Brí  321  – An increase on 2018 of 4.2208%


Chairman: Syl Doyle
Secretary: Jutta O’Meara