On 6th January 1955 at a mass meeting of 2,000 farmers in Dublin, the National Farmers’ Association was founded. The National Farmers’ Association (NFA) became the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) in 1971 and is the country’s largest representative organisation for farmers and primary food producers.

Soon after the founding of NFA in Dublin, a meeting was called in Bree to try to set up a local branch. It is thought that too few people attended that first meeting to proceed, but following on from the calling of a second meeting, the Bree branch of the National Farmers’ Association was formed. Some years later it became the Bree/Galbally branch.

IFA has been the farmers’ voice for over six decades in every single important decision impacting upon Ireland’s largest indigenous industry. At local level, IFA’s active and dedicated voluntary officers work tirelessly with a professional staff at national and EU level to improve farm incomes and address issues across the entire spectrum of food production.

The Bree/Galbally branch currently has approximately 100 members and its current officers are;

Chairperson: Brendan Doyle
Secretary: Liam Curtis
Treasurer/Registrar: Gerald Dunne
4th Delegate: Mairéad Curtis