The club was founded in the early 1900s. The original table was bought somewhere in Co. Kerry.

It was sent by rail and collected at the old railway station in Sparrowsland by current Chairman Jimmy O’Brien’s father John, Jimmy Cogley and Barney Dunne in a horse and cart. The table was set up in the old Parish hall, which also acted as a school until the 1950s. During these early years, Billiards was the sport of the day.

Interestingly, the same table is still in use to the present day, having moved location twice over the years. It was dismantled for several years, and was re-assembled in 1975 in the new clubroom in the Community Centre. The Committee at the time consisted of Jimmy O’Brien (Chairman), Tony Greene (Vice-Chairman), Michael Dempsey (Secretary) and John Bolger (Treasurer). Membership at the time was in the region of 60-70. Although the game of Billiards was still very much to the forefront in popularity, Snooker was now beginning to make it’s mark.

Some years later, the table was moved “next door” to its current location in the Community Centre. In the 1980s, as the game of Snooker gained in popularity with more and more TV coverage, the club began to attract a wave of younger players to the green baize. However, the game of Billiards remained a steadfast favourite with the older and wiser generation, and to this day both games are equal in popularity amongst the current club members.

The present Committee consists of:

  • Jimmy O’Brien (Chairman/Treasurer)
  • John Bolger Snr (Secretary)
  • Pat Bolger (PRO)

Current membership is in the region of 20-25.

New members are always welcome, just bring yourself and your cue along some night and knock the door.


The club competitions run as follows:

January-March: The Dawson Perpetual Shield (Snooker)

February-April: The Jimmy O’Brien Perpetual Cup (Billiards)

October-December: Christmas Billiards Tournament